Marvel Studios' Loki | Official Trailer | Disney+

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Loki’s time has come. Watch the brand-new trailer for "Loki," and start streaming the Marvel Studios Original Series June 11 on Disney+.
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  1. Nixon Ramos
    Nixon Ramos
    21 perce

    The Avengers, Avengers: Endgame(small but significant modification) and then this

  2. Kadie McCabe
    Kadie McCabe
    32 perccel

    Is everyone ignoring the fact he’s talking to Nat? There’s no way that’s not her!

    42 perccel

    I wish this series would me in tamil

  4. Destiel_is_my_angel
    53 perccel

    Loki: you can trust me! Loki sweetie baby honey buns.....I can trust you to lie

  5. Mehak

    is that nat at 2:06 ?

  6. Gega Ryani
    Gega Ryani

    minute 2:06 IS IT NATASHAAA????????

  7. İrem Su Şahin
    İrem Su Şahin

    It's a great chance that the movie came out the day after my birthday. This movie might be the best birthday present I've ever received in my life. Thanks a lot Marvel. 🎉😄😄😄❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🎁🎁🎁🎉

    2 órája

    50 times sheesh loki

  9. Alan Kwark
    Alan Kwark
    2 órája

    You me and Loki

  10. Shuet Khamiel
    Shuet Khamiel
    2 órája

    When they can't decide of a font style

  11. Tokari
    2 órája

    loki💚 is my favourite in mcu

  12. Akhil Arun
    Akhil Arun
    2 órája

    Are we not gonna talk about how he was literally talking to black widow

  13. Kim Dobben
    Kim Dobben
    3 órája

    so am i the only one that is certain that they saw black widow at the end.

  14. smallskates _
    smallskates _
    3 órája

    Loki is the joker of the marvel universe

  15. James Armstrong
    James Armstrong
    3 órája

    I just clocked it's Trish!! Martha's sister in Doctor Who!

  16. Nila Amelia
    Nila Amelia
    3 órája

    Because the batsuite is look alike Ironman suite ...and his hobby similar to Tony Stark 😂😂..sori mygrammar broken😂😂

  17. Nila Amelia
    Nila Amelia
    3 órája

    Can i it Tony Stark in Batman vs Superman as Alfred 😂😂

  18. UndeadRanx
    3 órája

    Did you guys see blaack widow he was at vormir

  19. Higgldy Diggldy
    Higgldy Diggldy
    3 órája

    DC better than Marvel

  20. sophiedoerre
    4 órája

    oh yes

  21. Matt Hall
    Matt Hall
    4 órája

    This is gonna be soo good!

  22. dxadlydeath? unxrmed_spirit
    dxadlydeath? unxrmed_spirit
    4 órája

    i think joker character perfect in loki imagine loki face with joker

  23. BeDhil Gamerz
    BeDhil Gamerz
    4 órája

    Wow In physical wallah bio playlist

  24. Anushri Kar
    Anushri Kar
    5 órája

    Well I'll never do it again 🤣🤣🤣 every single time 😂😂

  25. Vaishnavika singh bhati
    Vaishnavika singh bhati
    6 órája

    Mama I’m in love with the Criminal

  26. Vaishnavika singh bhati
    Vaishnavika singh bhati
    6 órája

    People : Loki isnt dead yet? Glorious purpose ! Remember?

  27. Vaishnavika singh bhati
    Vaishnavika singh bhati
    6 órája

    People crying bc Ironman is dead. Me: but Loki is Alive 🥺

  28. K Ken
    K Ken
    6 órája

    when Fan like me love Ironman or Thor, Marvel decided to make a movie for Loki... disgusting.

    1. Alberto Rojas
      Alberto Rojas
      4 órája

      @yolol I'm giving facts. While you're just trolling me.

    2. Liloki Ola95
      Liloki Ola95
      4 órája

      Iron Man had a 3 solo movies + he was in all Avengers movies, while he died in Endgame and he didn't come back, because Robert Downey JR left MCU. Thor has a 3 solo movies and he was in Avengers the same like Iron Man and he has a forth (and probably last) movie in the next year. That's not more for you????

    3. yolol
      5 órája

      @Alberto Rojas boottt

    4. Alberto Rojas
      Alberto Rojas
      5 órája

      MARVEL Studios Loki is a television series. That said, have you forgotten, both Iron Man & Thor have 7 films between them? Iron Man - (2008) Iron Man 2 - ('10) Iron Man 3 - ('13) Thor - ('11) Thor: The Dark World - ('13) Thor: Ragnarok - ('17) Thor: Love and Thunder - ('22)

  29. wlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwl
    6 órája

    Loki is alive

  30. Aditya Raj thakur
    Aditya Raj thakur
    6 órája

    Loki is immortal, the powerful villan is thanos but favourite is loki bcause loki is a villan who is even better than a hero

  31. Left Spin
    Left Spin
    7 órája

    Hmm we thought he died?! But he's better than thanos as Loki really is INEVITABLE

  32. Maria Jose CD
    Maria Jose CD
    7 órája

    2:06 I know I know BUT! Is that Natasha???

    1. dinejp
      6 órája


  33. Neil McJannett
    Neil McJannett
    8 órája

    Two theories, both highly dubious based solely on my own perceived circumstantial evidence. First, when Steve fought himself in Endgame, he was actually fighting Loki in disguise. (2012 Cap left his helmet in the bank and his suit was beaten and torn. The Cap that Cap fought appeared perfect.) Second, (less of a theory, more of a) what if every time Loki has died he's been replaced by his own Variant?

  34. Rovox
    8 órája

    Why do those TVA batons ( 1:44 ) look so much like the ones the Combine uses in the game half life 2

  35. Gamer tv Rules
    Gamer tv Rules
    8 órája

    Loki 😎

  36. Darth Vader
    Darth Vader
    8 órája

    The tva looks like its in the 60's era

    9 órája

    I am from India

  38. vencent
    9 órája

    saw this trailer on one of my videos got hype then at ending out in july 11 blady helll !

  39. ZF12
    9 órája

    If you really think about it, all of this is Dr. Strange's fault

  40. Lazy Dizzy
    Lazy Dizzy
    9 órája

    This looks incredibly funny & so LOKI

  41. Saharat Doungkhoaw
    Saharat Doungkhoaw
    9 órája

    is that Natasha? 2:06

    1. dinejp
      6 órája


  42. Charles Pack
    Charles Pack
    10 órája

    I'm just trying to get on the movie scene I need a little work but I'm your Wolverine I know him though and through because I am him look and almost abilities my hair is him my body used to be him but my bones are him just need a trainer

    10 órája

    since I'm a Loky fan, I will not pay to see this movie! . (yeah, that's what bad guys do)

    1. Alberto Rojas
      Alberto Rojas
      10 órája

      MARVEL Studios' Loki* is a television series*. That said, MS' Loki first season will consist of six episodes. A second season is in development.

  44. Jasen Aprian Putra
    Jasen Aprian Putra
    10 órája

    2:06 is that black widow?

  45. Moses Benedict
    Moses Benedict
    10 órája

    Can't wait to watch this

  46. Sourabh Singh
    Sourabh Singh
    10 órája

    Iron man will come back

  47. loki god of ass guard
    loki god of ass guard
    10 órája

    2:06 is that black widow/nat

    1. dinejp
      6 órája


  48. Saif Tonoy
    Saif Tonoy
    10 órája

    Another childish marvel crap

    1. yolol
      4 órája

      Childsih?? Lmaoo get out

  49. Sivil Rishar
    Sivil Rishar
    11 órája

    Стал жертвой одной роли.

  50. Kai
    11 órája


    11 órája

    Unreality distubtion becouse of loki.

  52. My View
    My View
    11 órája

    I'm waiting 😉

  53. Core Account
    Core Account
    11 órája

    He is not a man of mischief or mere matchstick man. He is the god of mischief. If you think you are manipulating him you are his victim.

  54. frostmagemarii
    11 órája

    Its great that they're giving Loki a series.. shame its not the Loki that got all the good character development from Ragnarok.

  55. TD Dilshara
    TD Dilshara
    11 órája

    I really don't like falcon and the winter soldier.. it's just like another typical action tv series with politics crap..but this looks amazing ♥️

  56. Katherine R
    Katherine R
    12 órája


  57. Nessa Rexroat
    Nessa Rexroat
    12 órája

    Chris Hemsworth will be in it too

  58. Lana M
    Lana M
    12 órája

    I thought what these decorations and atmosphere reminds me, it's Soviet Union :)

  59. gornhorror
    12 órája

    I'm tellin' ya. No way Loki would of went out the way he did in the Avenger movie. He has some angle to come back.

    12 órája

    2021, still simping for Loki.

  61. RyanVoio
    13 órája

    And they thought I was crazy when I said the volca keys was good enough to break reality and time.

  62. yvette
    13 órája

    If Owen doesn’t say WOW in this, then what’s the point

  63. Rene Fermin Perez Galan
    Rene Fermin Perez Galan
    13 órája

    could be very good.

  64. bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu
    14 órája

    He's like a Timelord now, a homicidal, pessimistic, cynical, sarcastic timelord...

  65. Zerokin 2000
    Zerokin 2000
    14 órája

    Avengers Infinity War: Loki Dies. Avengers Endgame: *THERE IS A HOPE*

  66. Jaytheteen
    14 órája

    I love the flashing “Loki” in various fonts at the’s awesome

  67. Stephen Spaulding
    Stephen Spaulding
    14 órája

    0:22 is the a "Fat Loki" vatiant? And isnt the tessersct the space stone? So how does he break reality and end up at the TVA. Arent the avengers the ones that time traveled?

    1. bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu
      14 órája

      Why would you put Owen Wilson in this

  68. Pure Nature US
    Pure Nature US
    14 órája

    There some trues in the world, first: we'll all die some day, second: Loki'll always comeback

  69. Thanos
    15 órája

    IMPOSSIBLE. I killed this man

    1. Teoman
      14 órája

      THANOS !

  70. Ashton Salazar
    Ashton Salazar
    15 órája

    How many subs can I get from this comment

  71. Ellie Emma
    Ellie Emma
    15 órája

    2:06 nat?

  72. Calendars Holsworth
    Calendars Holsworth
    16 órája

    Why I am so happy to get to

  73. Valente Ramirez
    Valente Ramirez
    16 órája

    YES YES YES YES YES YES!!! I definitely can't get enough of the MCU!! My first movie was spider man homecoming just being bored I watched it. Then when iron man came in and saved the boat ⛵ from splitting in half after spider man tried. The way he popped out his suit to get on Peter Parker axx! I was like hold up. Let me scope out the iron Man movies then it was Captain America then Thor! 23 mcu movies later I'm hooked!! I'm not feeling the new Captain America. But I'm thinking the winter soldier will take care of that!! Now Loki Im sure as hell loki is nube master 69!!

  74. Joel Ogarrio
    Joel Ogarrio
    16 órája

    1:26 rip avengers tower

  75. RECTO Recto
    RECTO Recto
    16 órája

    Oh it’s the Loki who dipped with the Tesseract in infinity war. Nice

  76. Stephen Aidoo
    Stephen Aidoo
    17 órája

    OMG: In the Marvel Universe, Anything is possible.

  77. Eliana Peninger
    Eliana Peninger
    17 órája

    At first I believed that one more trailer would be enough to satiate my hunger until the series arrived.... then I watched this trailer and realized how much more I really wanted

  78. David Littman
    David Littman
    17 órája

    It’s quantum leap

  79. Rayne bow
    Rayne bow
    17 órája

    Why is loki so perfect

  80. Xanthe Woolrych
    Xanthe Woolrych
    17 órája

    The only problem with this is... I've seen doctor who. So I know that time is not a straight line, its all wibley wobley timey wimey stuff.... AND NOW I'M GOING TO HAVE TO UNLEARN THAT BEFORE WATCHING LOKI.

  81. Dan Smith
    Dan Smith
    17 órája

    Why would you put Owen Wilson in this

  82. The Council of Nine
    The Council of Nine
    17 órája

    Steve: *Travels back in time to return the Stones and prevent the timeline from being destroyed.* Loki: *Steals the Space Stone and breaks the timeline anyway.* Steve: Am I a joke to you?

  83. Jin Apelu
    Jin Apelu
    18 órája

    Thor has got to know abou this.

  84. Josh Russiff
    Josh Russiff
    18 órája

    Owen Wilson! Nice Marvel... Nice...

  85. Erin Hathaway
    Erin Hathaway
    18 órája

    Us: oh so loki is actually dead?? Marvel: yes and no

  86. Rocko '05
    Rocko '05
    18 órája

    Very much lookin' forward to this show the most.

  87. Divya
    18 órája

    wait. This is pre ragnarok loki. This is pre realising thor genuinely loves him and that they can be brothers if *he* chooses it loki. Wtfffff

  88. Елина Митева
    Елина Митева
    18 órája

    2:06 is that Natasha??

  89. Severus Snape
    Severus Snape
    18 órája

    Loki! You couldn't be such a beloved and legendary and charismatic villain, if Tom Hiddleston wasn't there! Thank U dear TOM HIDDLESTONE for such a beautiful, perfect and adorable character!

    1. Severus Snape
      Severus Snape
      18 órája

      What's your idea? Do you think the same?

    2. Severus Snape
      Severus Snape
      18 órája

      Just a hiddlestoner in duty🙄😎

  90. Paris
    18 órája

    Had anyone noticed nat

  91. D. K.
    D. K.
    19 órája

    Top Villians of All Time: 1. Joker (RIP Heath Ledger) 2. Thanos 3. Loki 4. Magneto 5. ?

    1. 1 1
      1 1
      11 órája


  92. Wajahat Aslam
    Wajahat Aslam
    19 órája

    man he is looking like joakin phenix

  93. Manoj Tamil
    Manoj Tamil
    19 órája

    Very excited to see you loki. 🤞😈

  94. Anthology Of Interest
    Anthology Of Interest
    19 órája

    Who else noticed the Black Widow cameo in Vormir?

    1. Mr Critical
      Mr Critical
      5 órája

      That’s not Natasha

  95. SpiderSaids Universe
    SpiderSaids Universe
    19 órája

    So Loki get his own series? But he is a villain!!! But will Loki be in the party too? Ps: I didn't see Endgame yet!

  96. Yung Thrash
    Yung Thrash
    19 órája

    He’s like a joker lmao

  97. you
    19 órája

    Need tamil varsion

  98. elaine
    20 órája

    i literally love him sm

  99. Kushel
    20 órája

    Who else wants Loki to meet Frigga 1 last time the only person who loved him unconditionally and for Loki the person he loved the most because its sad the last thing Frigga asked was Am I not your mother and Loki replied No, you're not

  100. martin cassper
    martin cassper
    20 órája

    looks great 👀